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Installing KBlare

How to install a Blare kernel and the associated user tools.

Using KBlare

Basic usage of KBlare

Installing JBlare

How to install JBlare

Setting up the cooperation

How to setup the cooperation

Installing AndroBlare

How to build and install AndroBlare

Using AndroBlare

How to use Blare on Android

Rfblare documentation

Installing Rfblare

How to install the Rfblare kernel and the user tools.

Testing Rfblare

Test programs for Rfblare

Evasions attacks against LSM-based trackers

Description of several evasion attacks on LSM-based trackers, no longer possible with Rfblare

Evaluation of the Overhead Caused by Rfblare

Analysis of the Experiment Designed to Evalute the Overhead Caused by Rfblare